Receive and Become

561e3728abdc0f754da4d7d1Everyday  I have to fight for my life.  It sounds a little dramatic, I know.  But seriously, I’m fighting the overwhelming to do list, things incomplete, constant information, a messy house, pick ups and drop offs, and even the self-inflicted pressure I put upon myself to write this blog.

This morning I awoke to my devotional time led by Henri Nouwen (If you haven’t read any of his books, please give yourself the gift of experiencing life with him.).  This morning he led us through the Eucharist the receiving of Jesus’ blood and body through the intentional act of wine and bread.  When we receive Jesus through the intentional act of recognizing Him, taking Him in, letting Him live in our bones, muscles, and heart, we are taking in His life.  It is more than a plastic cup and a saltine cracker.  It is the holy act of taking in God.

The beauty of the taking in is what we become as a result.  Revelation 1:5-6 says this:

and from Jesus Christ who faithfully reveals all truth to us. He was the first to rise from death, to die no more.[a] He is far greater than any king in all the earth. All praise to him who always loves us and who set us free from our sins by pouring out his lifeblood for us. He has gathered us into his Kingdom and made us priests of God his Father. Give to him everlasting glory! He rules forever! Amen!

We receive Him and become priests of God.  Wowzers.  Have you thought of yourself as a priest?  It seems too holy to even mention, but that is His intention for us when we take Him in; we become holy.

Therefore, all the things I’m fighting, I have to recognize as holy acts He has given to me to participate in and experience Him:  the to do list, things to complete, picking up the house, picking up and dropping off, and the writing of this blog.  Instead of fighting against these things, I can choose to let them be my holy classroom, inviting me to have a hands on learning experience with Him.

Jesus, I want to receive You today.  Lord, in this day You have set before me, allow me the joy of becoming more like You, especially in the tasks that seem tedious.  Lord, let me see Your blessing in every moment.  Lord, in the breaking of Your body, break my preconceived notions, so that I may become more like You and share Your aroma with others (2 Corinthians 2:14).



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