Dear Riley

Dear Riley,

It was so cool to meet you last night.  Thank you for coming to Wyld Life.  I wanted you to know that you made an impact on me.  You introduced me to Copic Markers, and now I want my own set.

I loved the passion that exuded from you when you spoke about your art.  It was the coolest thing when you described it as “my art.”  I love how you own what you create, and you take such care and thougIMG_6215ht into each piece you put your hand and heart to.

I was especially drawn to a statement that you made about creating:

Sometimes I go back to drawings I did six months ago, and I’m just not happy with it.  I just look at it and think about how much better it could be.  So, I go back and work on it again.  Sometimes I feel like my work will never be where I want it to be.

I wanted you to know that I heard that, deeply.  I felt the struggle of your passion.  I can also identify with you; often I feel like what I do is never good enough; it could have always been better.  For me, it’s things like the campaigner lesson I made, the blog post I wrote, the conversation I had, the talk I gave, the day I had, the parenting opportunity I missed.

Donald Miller, an awesome writer, wrote a book called Scary Close.  In his book he says this:

“Grace only sticks to our imperfections. Those who can’t accept their imperfections can’t accept grace either.”
As artists, we can be paralyzed by the desire to be perfect (as people we can do this too), but God knows we need grace, and that is the magical place where things come together in such a way that what we create and do (no matter how imperfect we see it) speaks to someone in a profound way.  And that is something He does; we get to sit back and say, “Thank You, God for allowing this piece be used by You.”
It’s one of the reasons why I write on this blog.  It’s like a studio space for me; an exercise is creating and being ok with it not being perfect.  It’s an exercise in trusting God to do with it what He will and allow His grace to stick to my imperfections in this process.
Riley, I’m so thankful for you.  I can’t wait to see your art.  I can’t wait for it to speak to me even louder than your words did last night at Wyld Life.  Maybe we can both remind one another to allow grace stick to us because we all need grace.  You are a gift.
Much love,




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