A Day at the Museum


HSE Young Life and Wyld Life Leaders at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

I grew up thirty minutes outside of New York City when I was a kid.  One of my FAVORITE things my mom did with my brother and I was take us into the city for random adventures to either a Yankees game, broadway show, or a jaunt to the museum.  I, especially remember a fall Sunday when I was eight years old when she took us to the Museum of Natural History.  This memory included an amazement with the grand building, dinosaurs, displays of cavemen, and the awesome planetarium.  FullSizeRender(5)

This weekend I visited the Indianapolis Museum of Art with my daughter, Alex and then with our leadership team.  What I loved about my time at the museum this week is that it took us out of our ordinary surroundings and created a space for conversation that we couldn’t have anywhere else.  I perused the galleries with my friend Haleigh, talked about the past, present, and future.  We wondered together about what God is doing this year, especially as she she is getting ready to graduate from high school and head into the next chapter of her life.  I loved how we would walk up to a painting, and she would see something totally different than me; it gave us this common thing to look at and appreciate the point of view each of us brought.

Alex and I picked out our favorites, which included a huge Georgia O’keefe.  It popped with flows of color and inspiration.  We talked about how the painting was similar to a painting her great grandmother painted and gave to me before she passed away.  It was a special moment.IMG_6324

We also took journeyed out to the gardens and walked on the funky bones.  We marveled that it takes effort to go to places like this, and that it’s worth it.  The beauty of museums and art is that they create space and environment for not just art but memories, memories of sharing, discovery, examination, solitude, community, conversation, silence, and contemplation.

Let’s go to our local museums and make memories of wonder and contemplation!


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