Shiny Things

I have a friend who recently said to me, “I get distracted by shiny things.”  At first, I thought maybe she meant literal shiny things or something pretty, and then I realized it was anything that brought her focus away from her purpose.

I get it.  And then I realized that I get caught up with a different kind of shiny thing:  how things look.  The next epiphany happened when I discovered that I’ve been sitting at a kitchen table with my chin in my hand frustratingly attempting to click away to create a shiny package for this blog.  Me, not having great technical skill, was frustrated at what I was able to create.  It wasn’t shiny enough; it didn’t exactly express who I am and what I wanted to say in a visual sense.  And then last night I was brought back to the powerful section of The Velveteen Rabbit:


I started this blog to “package” my thoughts in a pretty rectangle.  In the process, I got distracted on the realness of what I want to do:  to express, explore, and be vulnerable in a space that others could connect with.  All along, I’ve wanted to share stories and thoughts that are not always shiny and soft, but nonetheless something that makes a connection to someone else’s realness.

Brene Brown says that when we bring words to the things that scare us, the fear begins to lose power.  I don’t just want this for myself, but I want this for anyone who dares to venture to their realness; the part of themselves that isn’t very shiny to the world, but is, at its core, love and truth.

For a month now, I haven’t written a blog post because I was so caught up in the shiny layers of what I wanted to present to everyone.  In reality, this is where I am…  a blank slate.  No, I’m not awesome at graphics and codes.  I’ve decided to wait to purchase a shinier theme in order to fix the air conditioning (#truth).  But what gets me most is that I was wrapped up in a presentation for you rather than daring to just write and be in this place.  I held myself back from writing in order to make a pretty package and not be real.  I’m owning up.

How many of us are walking around in the prison of shiny things?  My experience was frustration and stifling.  I’m thankful for the breakdown/breakthrough of this wall I had to decide jump over, but this is truth.

My prayer is that we walk with a little less “shiny” today; that we allow the glitter to wear and fall off in all the ways that love requires.  May we walk with the assuredness that at our core, without all the layers of fur and stuffing, that we are enough.  In fact, we are beautiful.

In Him,


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