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A few weeks ago, I came across an article in Relevant Magazine entitled, “Be Known for What You’re For, Not Just What You’re Against.”  It spoke of how most followers of Christ are known for what they’re against and not what they’re for.  This really struck me because when I share with people about my faith, I can almost see the glazed wall of “I don’t want to listen to another thing you say because you might be judging me” look come across their pupils.  If there is a way that I can send a message to the world that being a follower of Christ is about what I’m for, I think the conversation in our culture would be much more open and loving.

So, I followed up with some friends who love and follow Christ and asked them what they’re for.  Here’s what they said:

Marie Meyer:  I’m for supporting kids with special needs. My uncle was born with an intellectual disability, and he married my aunt who also had special needs.  Ever since I was young, respecting people with disabilities was something very important to me and close to my heart.  I decided to take the peer tutoring class at my school last year, and I was given the opportunity to teach and become friends with kids who have special needs at my school.  When my uncle passed away last December, it inspired me to join Best Buddies; this is now my second year in the class and the club.  My best buddy is Darby, and I love spending time with her!  Being in the class every day brightens my day, and it has truly changed my life and shown me what I may want to potentially pursue as a career.IMG_6529

Sarah Wright:  I am for friendship.  I am for adventure.  I am for being together.  I am for embracing what you love.IMG_6530

Rachel Phillips:  I am for uncomfortable and raw adventure.

Darby Haase:  I am for handshakes.  All of my best friends and I have handshakes, and whenever we see them, we do it.

Mallory Myers:  I’m for having best friend names. 

Reece & Paige:  I’m for making new friends.

Olivia Phillips:  I’m for being different.  Being different is awesome.

Molly Bickle:  I’m for being extraordinary.  If everyone was ordinary, nothing cool would ever happen.

Meredith Card:  I’m for rainbows.  The first time I ever connected with God was through seeing a rainbow. 

Adelyn Bowman:  I’m for being yourself.  You make more friends while being yourself.IMG_6531

Danielle Boehm:  I’m for being kind and forgiving.  Everything is better when you’re kind and forgiving.

Alexis Snook:  I’m for having friends.  My friend helped me get through difficult things.

Kristina Mathioudakis:  I’m for being a friend to everyone.  Not everyone has a good friend, but everyone needs a friend.  No one likes to be left out.

Sydney Lorey:  I’m for praying.


Let’s be known for what we’re for and not what we’re against. 





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