No Capes

My family and I have this love affair with the movie The Incredibles.  We love how it reveals that these superheroes are actually people with flaws and fears, but through all that they have a purpose:  to be a superhero.  They don’t do it perfectly & their actions don’t make everyone happy and cheer.  In the movie, they get put into hiding when there’s an outrage against a save that didn’t go the way the public wanted; what they were created to do was taken away from them, and it’s depressing.  Eventually, they start doing hero stuff again.  They have this hysterical superhero outfit designer named Edna who helps them with their “supersuits” based on their special gifts.  In a funny part, Edna demands, “NO CAPES!”  I freaking love this because she has seen how so many superheroes lost their lives because their showy, no purpose cape always brought the deceased superheroes to their end…caught in propellers, etc.

I am blessed to know some awesome superheroes; people doing extraordinary, unusual things this summer to share Christ with people through various, non glamorous ways.  These are “ordinary people” to most, but extraordinary to me and so many whom they have and will serve this summer.  Isaiah 6:8 says,”Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.”  Throughout the Bible, those who stepped up and said, “Send me,” knew they were doing something a little scary.  There is never a guarantee that everything will go smoothly, that the rescue mission will go as planned.  When you’re on a mission, you are thrown into the unexpected, not everyone likes you all the time, and it sometimes hurts-  a lot.
Because of this, I ask that you join me in prayer for my friends who are flying with no capes.


Our Wyld Life Leadership Team rocked Castaway with their love. Our Wyld Life kids couldn’t have been more blessed with these amazing friends who sacrificed time, energy, & sleep to share Jesus with kids in such a real way. From the top left: Colton Thomas, Jack McCoy, Scott Black, Brian Betner, Natalie Willman, Rachel Buckingham, Alyssa Iurillo, Jessica Bradley, Connor Bradley, Molly Cooper, Lauren Feldman, Rachel Phillips, Haleigh Devoe, Sarah Wright, & Noah Haxton. Love them to pieces!



Rachel Phillips leaves TODAY for Nepal to bring Jesus through the power of friendship to our friends across the globe with Reign Ministries. Rachel has been saving money tirelessly by babysitting, teaching swim lessons, etc. for over a year to be faithful to this call. It hasn’t been easy, & I can only imagine how scary this may be, but I know that she is so excited to carry out what the Lord has laid on her heart. I love her so much. Rachel loves a good fish sandwich with tartar sauce, and I hope she is able to have the best fish sandwich in Nepal with new friends. 🙂


Luke Blackburn (pictured w/ Dallas Clark at a Young Life Campaigners this past winter) is serving in the dining hall this month at a Young Life Camp called Timber Wolf Lake in Michigan on Work Crew. The Work Crew consists of high school kids from all over the country who choose to give a month of their summer to serve kids who are attending camp. There is no pay, but it’s an amazing opportunity for kids to grow in their relationship with Christ and be a part of some awesome Kingdom building. Can’t wait to hear about his experience!


Kaitlyn Ray, Esmeralda Saldana, and Lauren Hahn are all serving on Young Life Work Crew this summer too! Lauren will be at Timber Wolf Lake next month as a Tawashi, Kaitlyn is currently at Timber Wolf Lake serving countless kids for the month of June (w/ Luke Blackburn), and Esmeralda will be traveling to Virginia to be a dining hall server at Rockbridge. I love seeing these girls fly!


My sweet girl, Alex, is leaving for her second mission trip, this time to Memphis, Tennessee to serve with Northview Church and SOS Ministries to help build and repair homes and neighborhoods. She’s gonna get her hands dirty, make friends, and grow her heart for the Lord, which is an uncomfortable but powerful thing. We love you, Alex.

Thank you, Lord, for sending these individuals to step out of the every day and say yes to flying with no capes in order to bring Your love to many.  Lord, I pray that you guide and encourage them on their journey.  Lord, stepping outside of our comfort zones takes a courage that only You can provide.  Give my friends and family Your courage & peace that reaches beyond all understanding.  Lord, lead them to those You have prepared for them to reach.  Give them strength and laughter in the face of adversity.  And most of all, may You shine through their hearts, words, and actions.  We love you, Lord.  Thank You for these awesome servants.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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